Laminate Flooring AC Grading

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Laminate Floors come with an AC rating which indicates how much traffic, stains, impact etc they can withstand. To receive an AC rating the laminate flooring must pass a series of tests. So when you buy a Laminate Floor or with a certain rating, you know beforehand if it will stand up to your lifestyle. At Himflor we only sell floors with a rating of AC4 or higher. This ensured that any floor you buy from us with be able to withstand average household use. 

What Is AC Rating For Laminate Floors?

When looking to buy a new laminate floor, the thickness of the laminate or the length of the warranty offered isn’t always the best measure of its durability or lifespan. Most laminates are now graded with an AC rating, which is a much more accurate measure of how tough and durable a particular laminate is. AC stands for Abrasion Class, and it was introduced by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) who must be a fun bunch of people at parties. 


What Are The Different AC Ratings?

AC1 – Moderate Residential

Floors with this rating are suitable only for moderate residential use such as a bedroom or a closet. We really can’t recommend using an AC1 rated floor for any room of your home, as even the average bedroom gets a fair amount of traffic. The inside of a closet or walk-in the area would probably fare decently with an AC1 floor, but as we said above, we always recommend AC3 or higher.

AC2 – General Residential

AC2’s are suitable for “Normal residential” applications, such as living rooms and dining rooms. They’ll stand up to the average day to day foot traffic, though I’m sure that most of you will agree that the kind of wear and tear your floor goes through in your home could in no way ever be classified as “normal”!


AC3 – Heavy Residential/Moderate Commercial

Good for most residential applications,  This will do the job for the average home and will withstand daily wear and tear easily in any room in line with the wear and stain year guarantee, as long as it’s treated right and cleaned properly. If you want a little more durability out of your laminate floor, then read on – you’re looking for an AC4 or AC5.

AC4 – General Commercial

Now we’re talking. An AC4 is good for any and all residential applications, within reason. It’s also perfect for general commercial applications, such as offices, boutiques and cafes. Be aware that while an AC4 laminate can be good in a bar, cafe, or restaurant, Himflor's laminate floors come with wax coated edges on four sides which gives an extra layer of protection to the HDF, thereby increasing the life of the floors.

AC5 – Heavy Commercial

More than enough for all residential applications. Plus it’ll do the business for heavy commercial applications like public buildings, department stores, and so on. Just be aware once more that AC5 means that the laminate is much more abrasion resistant with a thicker layer of abrasion resistant coating.

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